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Thirsty Ghosts: great new blog

David on Formosa points to a great new group blog:
It features writing and photos by Taiwan-based journalists, photographers and translators, currently writing for Newsweek, Reuters, Taipei Times, Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia Times and other publications.
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Daily Links, March 25, 2007

The blogosphere is crowded with posts today…
David watches the end of the Tour de Taiwan

Doubting to Shuo reports that the Legislature has cleared the way for local foreign teachers to unionize.

Scott Sommers reports on Steven Krashen’s discussion of the disastrous effect of testing on US education.

That’s Impossible! rounds up the latest on the Chiu Yi [...]

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ESWN on Marches in Taiwan and Hong Kong

The peripatetic China blogger ESWN remarks on marches in Taiwan and Hong Kong, claiming that there is a problem with explanations of low turnouts for pro-democracy marches in Hong Kong:
Yet, when the call went out for the people of Hong Kong to march for universal suffrage, not more than 5,000 people showed up (Comment 200703#053). [...]

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Daily Links, March 18, 2007

What’s the good news for today? Taiwan’s legislature has a good chance of passing renewable energy legislation. Meanwhile the Taiwan blogosphere is full of energy that gets renewed every day:
Wild at Heart on raptor migration in Taiwan. Did you know Kenting is one of the best places in the world to see raptors on the [...]

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Daily Links, Mar 14

The United States of Creationism.
While I am working to have the phrase Enter the letters as they are shown in the image banned, you can read these great blog posts:
As I did with Spain and Italy, Jerome Keating points to still more examples of how a nation coming to grips with its past replaces authoritarian [...]

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Daily Links, March 12, 2007

Laowiseass, a reporter in Taiwan, muses insightfully on the Taiwan-China difference in reporter status

Anarchy in Taiwan follows up on the sad tale of Gil Lebria. He can sue, but nobody told him…

The Daily Bubble Tea visits the 2-28 memorial park. Pics galore. (Link updated).

Ilha Formosa offers more pics from the lantern festival in Taipei.

the leaky [...]

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Daily Links, March 9, 2007

Big News: David from Formosa, one of the island’s most popular English bloggers, has launched a new Taiwan Guide in conjunction with Taiwanophile Fili. The links are on his blog. Good luck to ya!

Found a new picture blog, Daves Photo Blog

Indiac and other commentators lay waste to CNN/AP for its absurd headline that cited Beijing’s [...]

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Pasuya Yao is baaaaaack!

LastyYear Jason over at Wandering to Tamshui and I had a fine time tracking the silliness of former GIO head Pasuya Yao. Whenever there was a slow week, we could rely on Pasuya to pull us out of the blogging doldrums. The kickass blog That’s impossible! reports that Pasuya is back and running for a [...]

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Daily Links, Feb 25, 2007

Seen on the streets of Taiwan blogs….

Thoth Harris rips the State Department a new one over its treatment of Taiwan tourists and general pro-China standpoint.

Jason breaks down the legislative elections with posts on TSU candidates and hot babes. Great, detailed information here.

Kerim goes to Kerala.

Taoyuan nights goes to town on cheap money.

Hai Tien goes to [...]

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Great New Political Blog

A friend flipped me a link to this great new blog on politics from Taiwan:
That’s impossible: Politics from Taiwan不可能的事情: 從台灣看全球的政治
A sample:

Some agreements have been made on who will stand for election where. Current legislator Yu Jan-daw (余政道) will stand for an at large seat to avoid conflict with former minister Yu Cheng-hsien (余政憲), who will [...]

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Daily Links, Chinese New Year, Going Back to the Inlaws’ Day

New friendships for Chinese New Year. And plenty of new posts…

Todd has some great pics from his trip to Kaohsiung.

Scott Sommers has a great post on social class and local foreigners.

Poagao argues that the name rectification campaign is dynastic thinking, and that the DPP hasn’t replaced the names with anything significant. Because the name “Taiwan” [...]

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Formosa Neijia

For those of you into martial arts, I’ve just added the way cool
Formosa Neijia
to my blog roll. Lots of good discussion and pics.
[Taiwan] [Taiwan Blogs] [martial arts]
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Daily Links, February 12, 2007

Shedding a little light on Taiwan….

Scott Sommers reflects on connecting the English and Chinese blogospheres

Poagao muses on being a local and a non-local simultaneously.

David blogs on sustainable transportation in Taiwan. IMHO the Taipei Times has missed an important underlying problem, Taiwan’s insane land use laws.

Taoyuan Nights has a great post on the Taipei Game Show.

i-topographies [...]

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New blogs on the roll

The Shorty Method
i-Topographies: topographies in the information age.
John Stewien’s Road To Somewhere Else
Annie’s Corner
Steven D. Quinn Online
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Reflections on Blogging

A couple Friday mornings ago, just before I flew off to LA, I squeezed out an hour to sit down for a chat with Taipei Times feature reporter Ron Brownlow for the feature article he was writing for the Taipei Times on local blogs and websites about Taiwan. He had quite a bit about me [...]

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