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Book Review: Humanity at Stake

Humanity at StakeAbraham Young2008. Published in the United States by CreateSpace and distributed by Amazon. 130 pp. Website:
A few weeks ago I was in class at NCKU when a young woman walked in. Although the room seats 40 there are only seven of us in the class, but after inspecting the roomful of empty [...]

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On Tap on Taiwan Around the World….

The International Affairs Forum offers two pieces that touch on Taiwan this week. The first is a long address by an Indian scholar on Taiwan. It offers a good example, I think, of how Taiwan is understood elsewhere… excerpt:
In like manner,although much smaller in area, Taiwan has a much higher level of technological sophistication than [...]

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One Problem, Two coverages: Tibet and Taiwan

WaPo has an article on the recent offer by China to negotiate with Tibet, and the usual noises of criticism by China’s colonial officialdom of the Dalai Lama…..look at the opening paragraphs:
Less than 24 hours after China offered to meet with an envoy of the Dalai Lama, state-controlled news media on Saturday kept up their [...]

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The Ma Dilemma in Foreign Relations: "If Taiwan can have better relations with China…"

There’s a new democratic wind blowing in Paraguay, and according to a report in the Paraguayan paper La Nacion and a recent Taiwan News editorial, things in Paraguay are looking grim for Taiwan (Espanol to Ingles translation by Google):
Taiwan announced today that it will strengthen its communications with the Paraguayan president-elect, former Catholic Bishop Fernando [...]

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Fun With National Geographic Maps!

(pic courtesy of Craig Ferguson)
Yesterday some of you probably noticed a post on the China map in the recent National Geographic issue that I took down. What happened was that my good friend Danny Bloom sent me an email saying that Nat Geo had colored Taiwan and China the same color in the map in [...]

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Thursday Media Roundup

First, the good stuff. The island’s own Jon Adams has a strong post in a FEER blog about the missiles that those statesmen in China point at the radical corporate lawyer Presidents in Taiwan. He writes:
Fortunately, such scenarios are extremely unlikely. In the next few years, it’s the missiles’ role as a bargaining chip that [...]

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Tibet and Taiwan

Make no mistake: Tibet is an issue for Taiwan, and it is now a hot topic. The PRC shooting people a week before an election here has forced every voter to examine where they stand on Ma Ying-jeou’s promise not to sell out the island — and is a marker of how far Taiwan has [...]

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New Zogby Poll on Independence

Zogby has a new poll on Taiwan independence beliefs among the Taiwanese. The press release says:

Zogby Poll: 85% in Taiwan Support Petitioning U.N. for Membership
Survey finds most view themselves as Taiwanese and believe Taiwan is an independent nation, not a part of China
The vast majority of adults in Taiwan – 85% – believe the government [...]

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Words from Outside Taiwan

Plenty of words directed at the Beautiful Isle today. First Lee Teng-hui, as so often, commenting in the Japanese press, reported by the trusty CNA:
Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election is very significant because its outcome will have a profound impact on Taiwan’s future, former President Lee Teng-hui was quoted as saying by a Japanese writer.
According to [...]

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US-China Economic and Security Review Commission Hearing

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission had a hearing last week on China’s views of its own sovereignty and methods of access control. The agenda included presentations by many familiar names.
From Allen Carlson:
….Indeed, while the virulence with which the Chinese have maintained their right to rule over Tibet, Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong has [...]

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Catapulting the Propaganda

The powerful effect of pro-China propagandizing is seen in this translation of a piece from the Asia Times on the US Nimitz deployment to Japan, arguing that it is linked to the Taiwan election in March:
The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz of the US Navy arrived in Japan on 11 February. An analysis maintains that [...]

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Kingming Liu in PostGlobal

Kinming Liu, former Washington-based columnist for Asian newspapers, asks that Washington stand up to China the way it has stood up to Russia on the Kosovo issue, in the Washington Post forums:
I could only wish the U.S. and Europe would have the same courage to poke a stick to another big power in order to [...]

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The Road to Taipei Goes Through Washington

Ting-i Tsai, a longtime and always excellent commentator on Taiwan affairs, had another choice piece in the Asia Times on Beijing’s use of Washington to suppress Taiwan:
Unlike its previous approach of directly threatening Taiwan over its holding of referendums in 2004, Beijing pressured Washington this time around to deliver its message.
“Beijing’s approach is brand new [...]

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Kosovo Declares Independence as Taiwan Watches

Recognize this scenario? A small US-allied state declares independence. Its large neighbor, a regional power, objects and conspires to keep it out of the UN, while a bordering nation declares that the newly-independent state’s freedom is illegitimate and it is forever part of its sacred national territory.
The parallels aren’t perfect, but they exist, and Taiwan’s [...]

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Singapore’s Lee says China won’t take Taiwan

As always, Lee has interesting things to say in this interview with UPI:
Q: In the next 12 months, China, in this New Year of the Rat (Feb. 7) that you are now celebrating, will mark its transformation in the past three decades from one of the poorest countries in the 20th century into the world’s [...]

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