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To CW or not to CW

James Rose of Corporate Governance in Asia argues in The Standard of Hong Kong that the One China concept should be junked and that Beijing’s stance on Taiwan is bizarre….
News coming out of Beijing is that China won’t interfere with Taiwan’s presidential elections [...]

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Adm Keating and US China diplomacy

The Nelson Report offers this latest on Pacific Command Admiral Keating, on his recent China trip. Some very interesting points here:
PACOM Adm. Keating at The Army & Navy Club in Washington today, reporting on his latest trip to China.
For better or for worse, most of the non-N. Korea, and non-Taiwan “diplomacy” with China seems to [...]

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Other Nations’ Independence and Taiwan

This week the media brings us two tales of independence that are Taiwan-connected, one from India, one from Kosovo. A reader alerted me to this piece in the International Herald Tribune on the issues that independence for Kosovo creates for China. To wit:
Kosovo may be geographically removed from East Asia but what happens there could [...]

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The KMT will not ease relations…and Taiwan’s Indie Music Scene, from Seattle

Ted Galen Carpenter, whom I’ve critiqued here on more than one occasion, has an article in The National Interest arguing that the fundamental support for independence here in Taiwan will rein in the ability of the KMT to cozy up to the PRC government:
If they examine the KMT’s position carefully, however, Chinese leaders are likely [...]

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Linda Arrigo: Experiencing Taiwan Social History

Linda Arrigo graciously consented to let me put this presentation on my blog as JPGs. These are photos and slides from a presentation on cemetaries around her university in Taipei. The photos were taken by someone who accompanied Linda, not me.

The trip follows the windy road in the center of the picture.

The gatehouse on the [...]

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Globe and Mail: Taiwan Flashpoint 2008 -UPDATED-

The Globe and Mail is doing a set of pieces on the major world flashpoints. Among them is of course the Taiwan Straits, portrayed here as made dangerous by the recklessness of the dastardly Chen Shui-bian. It’s a good thing those forces for stability, restrained and prudent, are there to keep Mad Chen© in check! [...]

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Last Two Nelson Reports: Taiwan Highlights

Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report is back from surgery and once again passing around insight into the Beltway Mind. Here’s his latest excerpt on Taiwan affairs:
It sounds like the private Chinese discussions of late mirror almost exactly much of the substance of concerns aired at Heritage, including what Taiwan law may require in the [...]

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Japan’s Imperial Networks: Taiwan and Manchuria

Japan Focus, where there are always interesting articles, has two good offerings this week. First, an interesting connection between the Japanese puppet state of Manchuko and Taiwan under Japanese imperial rule emerges in this piece on Manchuko. One of the ways that being a Japanese colony affected Taiwan was that it enabled thousands of Taiwanese [...]

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Richard Kagan Announces New Book on Lee Teng-Hui

Taiwan Scholar Richard Kagan announces his new bio of Lee Teng-hui.
Member Publication: Kagan,_Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in Asia_********************From: Richard C. Kagan
I am writing to introduce my book to my colleagues. I would appreciate any comments, criticisms, and discussion.
The full citation is :
_Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in Asia_. Naval Institute Press. [...]

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The Opposite of Ross

Thanks to a hat tip from Ernesto, I found this commonsensical article on Taiwan — common sense is so out of fashion, it sounds bizarre to hear it voiced (compare this article to the Ross piece three posts below). While this section is manifestly untrue:
According to historians, there is no record of Chinese presence in [...]

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Robert Ross Does it Again

Wow. Among the hundreds of articles on Taiwan I have discussed on this blog over the last couple of years, this piece of dreck from Robert Ross, For China, How To Manage Taiwan?, represents the absolute nadir of writing on the island and its future in a major media publication.
Probably the only accurate statement [...]

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Taiwan Rejects China "Peace" Offer

Reuters and AP offer articles on the “peace offer” coming out of the Party Congress in China. Reuters says:
“We would like to make a solemn appeal: on the basis of the one-China principle let us discuss a formal end to the state of hostility between the two sides (and) reach a peace agreement,” Hu [...]

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Frank Ching: Chen is Illogical

Frank Ching’s latest in the South China Morning Post — the article is currently behind a pay wall, so enjoy.
There is no possibility that Taiwan can enter the UN, as both Washington and Beijing have said. Yet the DPP government insists on holding a referendum on the issue on March 22 - the day of [...]

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China Threat To Taiwan Grave

Reuters becomes the latest news service to treat Chinese propaganda on the Anti-Secession Law as something meaningful and important. First, the news story itself:
China cannot compromise on its claim to Taiwan and is ready for “grave” scenarios, a top adviser said, days after the island’s ruling party resolved to recommend a new constitution, with implications [...]

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Taiwan Sues ISO over "Province" designation

Radio Taiwan International announced that Taiwan is suing the ISO:
Taiwan is suing the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) over its reference to the country as “Taiwan Province, China” instead of “Republic of China (Taiwan).” This is the first time that Taiwan has taken legal action against an important international organization.
The foreign ministry said Tuesday that [...]

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