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The Flow of Crap: Day 3: BBC’s Alternate Universe (UPDATE 1)

I’ve decided to have one post like this each day, where we put the latest media fun, updated as the day goes on.
Today maddog alerted me to this report from BBC’s alternate universe. That’s the universe where, two years later, you can still read on their Taiwan timeline that Chen Shui-bian devolved his powers onto [...]

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MeteorsThis weekend, Dec 13-4, we’re getting a huge storm.
According to McBeath, the Geminids are predicted to reach peak activity on Dec. 14 at 16:45 GMT. That means those places from central Asia eastwards across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska are in the best position to catch the very crest of the shower, when the rates [...]

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Legislature Brawls are Staged

Ralph Jennings reported yesterday what many have long suspected: that the brawls in the legislature are staged so that politicians can get maximum publicity:
But the brawling and histrionics in parliament that have put Taiwan politics on the world map for the past 20 years are staged acts, legislators and political observers say.
They are planned in [...]

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Are you globalized enough to be President?

Fortunately for Taiwan, the legislature has its priorities straight:

The question came amid a proposal by the Nationalists opposition party that Taiwan’s Election Law be revised to require presidential candidates to possess at least a high school-level of English fluency.
“If you don’t even have a high-school student’s English capability,” the People First Party’s Chung Shao-he asked [...]

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Redrawing the legislature

An critically important event took place this week, with the major parties agreeing on the redistricting plan that is necessary to carry out the legislative elections slated for later this year. The pro-Green Taipei Times reported:

Electoral boundaries within four disputed cities and counties (Taipei and Taichung cities and Miaoli and Changhua counties) will be [...]

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