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Appeasement of China Reaches Unprecedented Heights as Bush Capitulates on Arms

Had a lot of trouble titling this one…. Wendell Minnick reports from Taipei for Defense News that the Bush Administration has frozen arms sales to Taiwan.
As China and Taiwan prepare for their first official talks in more than a decade, sources in both Taipei and Washington say the U.S. State Department has decided to freeze [...]

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Report: US Should Enhance Ties With Taiwan

A new report out from the Taiwan Policy Working Group, a joint project of the right-wing American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and Armitage International, argues that the US needs upgrade and expand its ties with Taiwan and stop enabling Beijing’s suppression of Taipei. Taiwan News describes:
The report argues that the issue is urgent now that U.S.-Taiwan [...]

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Stephen Yates at the Shannon Meet up, Dec 9, 2007

Stephen Yates (left) talks with former AIT official Syd Goldsmith
Our speaker at the Shannon meet up was Stephen Yates, the former advisor to Vice President Darth Dick Cheney. Despite the impression one gets from the media that Bush Administration officials tend to suffer from a singular lack of human feeling, Yates turned out to be [...]

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The China Problem is a US Problem

The Wall Street Journal, which abused UN Secretary-General Ban for his erroneous interpretation of UN 2578 last week, received a comically bombastic letter from the Chinese representative in the US:
King of the U.N.” (Review & Outlook, Aug. 13), which lodged an unjustified accusation against U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s rejection of [Taiwan President] Chen Shui-bian’s letter [...]

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Arms Purchase: Junkets, State Department, Tkacik

David Isenberg writes on the visit of Taiwan legislators to the US to scout the submarine purchase:
The latest wrinkle in the long-running tale of US arms sales to Taiwan occurred last week when seven Taiwanese lawmakers from four different parties arrived in the United States on an 11-day visit to conduct a feasibility study for [...]

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Ma’s Legal Woes Increase, Hsieh’s fall — and the new CW

Reuters reports on the legal situations of Ma and Hsieh.
Frank Hsieh, of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), welcomed the acquittal of the three officials in a corruption trial concerning construction of a subway project in the southern city of Kaohsiung, where he was formerly mayor.
“It proves my innocence,” Hsieh said in an interview with [...]

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Taiwan Visit Bill Passes US House Unanimously

Forbes and other media outlets are reporting some good news out of Congress (IHT, longer article, same info):
The US House of Representatives passed a resolution calling for the lifting of US government curbs on visits by top Taiwanese leaders.
The House passed the measure by a unanimous voice vote, which supporters said would send a message [...]

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US angered over referendum

Bonnie Glaser, a US Taiwan/China expert, had this to say in the CSIS. The article gives a good idea of how American establishment academics are looking at the UN referendum.
UN Referendum Brings U.S.-Taiwan Relations to a New Low
Bonnie S. Glaser (Senior Associate, Pacific Forum CSIS)
Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian is backing a plan to hold a [...]

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US Must Defend Taiwan

Reader KM alerted me to a piece by Richard Halloran, the conservative commentator who appears often in the pages of the Taipei Times, in the Honolulu paper arguing that the US must defend Taiwan. The argument is entirely conventional, but it is important because of the clues it gives to the way people are thinking [...]

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AP gets one right

Max Hirsch over at the Taipei Times alerted me to this great article by AP reporter Foster Klug on Taiwan’s lack of diplomatic recognition in the US.
Taiwan is a major U.S. trading partner and a like-minded liberal democracy. But its representatives are prevented from enjoying the diplomatic prestige accorded even U.S. adversaries — such as [...]

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Taiwan, US, launch new military hotline

Taiwan and the US have launched a new military hotline:
Taiwan and the United States have launched a 24-hour military hotline to facilitate joint reaction to military clashes in the Taiwan Strait, a newspaper said on Friday.
The China Times, quoting an unnamed military official, said Taiwan has linked up its Hengshan Command Headquarters with the US [...]

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Pinning Down that Elusive Status Quo

US Ambassador Harvey Feldman, who led the drafting of the Taiwan Relations Act, weighed in at the Heritage Foundation last month with a review of what the Status Quo is.
At the most obvious level, the status quo is an entity called China on one side of the Taiwan Strait and an entity called Taiwan on [...]

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When will the US get serious about selling Taiwan weapons?

Yesterday AIT head Steve Young joined the ongoing parade of US officials criticizing the island for not buying US weapons….
The Legislative Yuan has been using a “series of domestic excuses” to explain away its inability to pass the arms procurement bill, a senior U.S. official in Taiwan said yesterday, stressing that both the opposition [...]

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Warner Warns Taiwan

The good Senator from Virginia, a crusty old school paleocon, yesterday warned Taiwan not to do anything provocative yesterday in a hearing aimed at the new US commander in the Asia-Pacific region:
A leading critic of Taiwan in the US Congress has warned Taiwan not to cause “another problem” for the US [...]

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East Asia and Global Security

Two articles on global security and East Asia crossed my path this week. The first is from Japan Focus, and discusses the emerging alliance structure aimed at China that is growing now in Northeast Asia.
Secondly, by explicitly “affirming the common strategic interests and security benefits embodied in their respective alliance relationships with the United States, [...]

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