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Republican Period Rehab in China

Over on H-Asia several scholars are debating the meaning of the rehabilitation of Republican-era figures and events in China. Richard C. Kagan of Hamline observes:
I am not sure of the historiogaphical beginning of this re-examination of the Republican period. I can say, however, that scholars in China have begun to re-interpret the past in [...]

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Taiwan Cold Shoulders Own Imprisoned Spy

From Edward Cody at the Washington Post comes the tragic story of a man who spied for the Taiwan government, was imprisoned for 13 years, lost his family, and now wants what’s due to him — and isn’t getting it:
Jiang, once an asset but no longer useful in the spy war, spent most of March [...]

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Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA) Photo Book

Kerim over at Keywords passed this to me:
Dear friends,
I’m sending along a fundraising plea from the Taiwan International Workers’ Association.(contact info in this post on their blog). TIWA is the only Taiwanese organization that fights daily for the rights of the 340,000 Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan. Although TIWA has only 3 full-time [...]

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What’s Chinese?

An excellent post by Andrew Leonard over at in his column How the World Works points to two very intertwined phenomena — what is globalization, and what is Chinese culture? Leonard, who posts from time to time on Taiwan in its global context, writes:
One of the oddities of history is that although Taiwan is [...]

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Winter in Taipei

Another gorgeous, sunlit Taipei day.
I read a science fiction book once called A Picture History of Astronomy by Patrick Moore, in which the author imagined a universe where the Earth circled a nearby star called the Sun, which gave us light and heat. Here in Taiwan we know better than to believe nonsense like that…..

On [...]

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Hong Kong: What’s in Store For Taiwan

The great blog ESWN had an article translation that should send chills up the spine of anyone who wants Taiwan’s future to be democratic:
… In the March 26 issue of TIME magazine, Hong Kong was on the front cover with the lead story being an interview with Chief Executive Donald Tsang. The local media [...]

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Japan Times Clarifies Tokyo Dorm Mess

An editorial in the Japan Times threw some light on the Supreme Court decision that awarded the dorm to Beijing. Check out that opening paragraph:
In a bizarre 5-0 ruling that was 20 years in the making, the Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit filed by the Taipei government against students living in a Kyoto [...]

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October 2006 CRS Report on US-Taiwan Relations

Last October the Congressional Research Service, whose job is to lay out policy options for Congress, described some of the issues in US-Taiwan relations. Some of it is quite good. The section that discusses “Credibility” gives an excellent overview of the falling out between the Bush Administration and Chen Shui-bian, and the Bush Administration’s ongoing [...]

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State Department, Taiwan, North Korea, China

The Taipei Times yesterday reported that the problem with Chen’s speech at the FAPA banquet that provoked a relatively sharp State Department reaction was:
Sensitive discussions between US State Department officials and their North Korean and Chinese counterparts were behind the rather strong reaction the department issued in response to President Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) “four wants” [...]

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Gangsta Pap

Our fair city has been the site of another one of those periodic outbursts of gangster violence recently. Gangsters killing each other, a world-wide affliction, is not very interesting news, but the tale did take a turn when a gangster supposedly filmed himself making threats on tape promising retaliation for the killings. ESWN has part [...]

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Ma Endorses Wu for the Chairmanship

Probable KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou has endorsed Wu Po-hsiung for the KMT Chairmanship election:

Ma made the announcement while he was visiting a temple in Taichung County. Ma said that because he does not holding any party or public office at present, he will support Wu as a party member, adding that he knows Wu [...]

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Beijing Annexes Student Dorm

Readers may recall that back in October I reported on the ownership controversy of a student dorm in Japan. China scored once again in its quest to annex everything Taiwanese, as the PRC grabbed a student dorm they had never owned with the court ruling in its favor.

On Tuesday, Japan’s Supreme Court overturned a [...]

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Appalling Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Commentary

Sadly, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists chose to publish a one-sided piece of crap commentary on Taiwan independence from a Chinese “scholar” who simply regurgitates the propaganda line we’re all drearily familiar with. Ranting and raving about Chen Shui-bian, whom the Beijing government reserves a special hatred for:

Seven years later, Chen has broken nearly all [...]

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Sizzler to Own Taiwan

Bloomberg reports, not on the steakhouse, but on a Russian missile that is giving US planners indigestion with its ability to make mincemeat of US naval defenses….
The missile, known in the West as the “Sizzler,” has been deployed by China and may be purchased by Iran. Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England has given the [...]

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Does the US own Taiwan?

“Sovereign,” like “love,” means anything you want it to mean; it’s a word in the dictionary between “sober” and “sozzled.” - Robert A. Heinlein
Who owns Taiwan? China certainly wants to annex Taiwan, but has no legal title to it. For most of us Taiwan belongs to the 23 million people who live on [...]

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