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Economic Tips and Tricks

My friend Jim passed me this article from an online Japanese paper on Taiwanese and Chinese firms registering Japanese names as trademarks.
Chinese and Taiwanese firms also have submitted applications to Chinese authorities to use Japanese regional brands including Matsusaka-ushi beef and Naruto Kintoki sweet potato as trademarks, a JETRO official said.
The Japanese local specialties have [...]

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Nanotechnology Development in Taiwan

One aspect of economy policy under the DPP is its forward looking technological aspects, whereas Ma’s economic proposals, under Siew, are based on a back-to-the-future 1970s model that involves spraying concrete around Taiwan like so much fake snow at a Christmas party. A key emerging industry in world technology markets is nanotechnology, the science of [...]

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Nature on Nanotech and Gene Tech in Taiwan offers an interesting look at Taiwan’s high-tech dreams and their implications for the island’s employment and technology situation:
Such aspirations are grounded in reality, because many of the country’s senior faculty members and administrators trained and worked in top institutions in the United States and Europe. Some come back, mid-career, to care for ageing parents, [...]

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