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More Fun in the Senkakus/Diaoyutai

The Japan Times reported the other day on another incident between the Japanese Coast Guard and a Taiwanese vessel, this time a research ship from NTU….
A maritime research ship of National Taiwan University intruded into Japan’s territorial waters near the disputed Senkaku islets in the Each China Sea early Friday, ignoring a warning from a [...]

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1953: Renmin Ribao says Senkakus part of Japan

A kind friend forwarded me some images from the past: Chinese newspapers from 1953. I have assembled them into the image above…. Yesterday I blogged on John Tkacik’s piece in the Taipei Times that included a tidbit on China’s pre-1969 attitude toward the Diaoyutai Islands. Tkacik wrote:
A People’s Daily commentary of June 1953, which called [...]

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Nelson Report on Diaoyutai Mess

The Washington insider report The Nelson Report talks about the Diaoyutai mess from the US perspective, including worries about Ma’s ability to control his own people….and the backchannel discussions between Washington, Taipei, and Tokyo.
JAPAN/TAIWAN…observers actively involved in Taiwan affairs are expressing relief that President Ma today seems to have re-established a degree of adult supervision [...]

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Diaoyutai winds down

News services are reporting that the whole Diaoyutai mess is now blowing over. Taiwan News reports that the Taiwan Coast Guard is using this to ask for a bigger budget and more ships.
The CGA currently has 14 vessels of more than 500 tons and 152 ships smaller than 500 tons - lagging well behind the [...]

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Diaoyutai Tidbits

Friends passed along these interesting tidbits of information:
“Around the turn of this century, an enterprising Japanese named Koga brought in scores of seasonal workers, food and supplies each year to develop Tiao-yu, Huang wei and Nan-hsiao [the three Senkaku islands-- MT]. Houses, reservoirs, docks, warehouses and sewers were built and experimental planting was conducted. [...]

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Taiwan News on the Tiaoyutai "Dispute" — UPDATED –

Taiwan News once again takes heads with a great editorial that says it ever so much better than I could. Among the highlights…
The accidental sinking of the allegedly fishing boat “Lienho” after a collusion with a Japanese Coast Guard patrol near the contested Tiaoyutai or Senkaku islets June 11 sparked a revealing test of the [...]

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Our New, More Rational Adminstration

Remember when Chen Shui-bian was Mad Chen, and war was just around the corner? Luckily we have the more rational Ma Ying-jeou Administration in power, eh? The Taipei Times reports on our nutcase legislators and their naive Premier:
Premier Liu Chao-shiuan (劉兆玄) said yesterday he would not rule out going to war with Japan if [...]

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Sovereignty….is whatever you want it to be…

After KMT Chairman Wu Po-hsiung played down Taiwan’s sovereignty in talks with China, refusing to call Ma Ying-jeou “President,” and referring to Taiwan as “Chinese Taipei” — along with referring to people on both sides of the Strait as “Chinese” — the KMT news network reported today that the Foreign Ministry had asserted the sovereignty [...]

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