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Beijing Zaps Ma Again

Yesterday the stock market fell another 300 points off its high to well under 7000. Ma save us! Meanwhile the tourism industry here continues to be skeptical, according to the latest foreign media reports, as Beijing hangs Ma out to dry again. The relevant portion of Kyodo News’ Max Hirsch’s latest piece on the tourism [...]

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Tourism Round-up

Reuters reports on United Daily News (UDN) claims that Chinese tourists in Taiwan spent big:
Chinese tourists who just finished a historic trip to Taiwan, which normally bans them for security reasons, spent about T$40 million ($1.3 million), a perk for the island’s sagging economy, local media said on Saturday.
Some of the 762 China visitors who [...]

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Taiwan Tour Operators Skeptical of Big $$

AFP reports that tour operators in Taiwan remain skeptical of the big boom coming from Chinese tourism. Although the arguments that they give are often driven by cross-cultural prejudice:
Taiwan has restricted trade and travel since its split from the mainland in 1949 but the election of Beijing-friendly Ma Ying-jeou in March opened the door to [...]

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CCP/KMT United Front and the DPP

Lien Chan’s best was on display today in the Taipei Times, showing the haughty nastiness that explains why he lost two presidential elections:
Lien also blamed the administration of former president Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) for refusing to push direct flights and open the country to Chinese tourists despite the consensus reached at the KMT-Chinese Communist Party [...]

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Communist Bandits are Here!

Plenty of fun in the papers today with the arrival of 750 tourists from China. On Chinese aircraft, since their government will not allow them to take Taiwanese aircraft. Just another example of the generosity and good faith of Beijing….
A playful commenter in the Liberty Times argued that “Sun Moon Lake” (er yue tan2) was [...]

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Cargo Cultists: the gods must be crazy

The waiting is the hardest part Every day you see one more cardYou take it on faith, you take it to the heart The waiting is the hardest part
What do the cargo cultists do when the gods don’t deliver? Most of the cargo cults have disappeared over the years, but my personal favorite, the John [...]

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Prices announced for Cross-Strait Flights

Xinhua reports on the announcement of prices by China Eastern:
China Eastern Airlines announced on Friday flight fares for weekend charter flights from Shanghai to Taipei and immediately started selling tickets.
The carrier is charging 3,700 yuan (US$ 528.6) for a round trip of economy-class flight, while business class costs 5,500 yuan, both including taxes.
Group tickets, for [...]

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A Forum for Constraints

The conventional wisdom is accurately portrayed by Keith Bradsher of the NYTimes in an article on Vice-President Elect Siew’s meeting with China’s bigwigs at the recent Boao forum in China…
Mr. Siew and President-elect Ma Ying-jeou will take office in Taipei on May 20 with a strong electoral mandate to reduce the hostility that has [...]

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Tourism Bureau, HSR exchange of digitus impudicus

The Taipei Times reported that the Tourism Bureau and the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp engaged in some mutual removal of noses to spite faces over the cost of signs in HSR stations….
The Tourism Bureau’s plan to make the high speed rail a selling point was met with nonchalance by the Taiwan High Speed Rail [...]

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