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Ma is Lai-ing

UPDATE II: I’m leaving this post up but now several people whom I trust have emailed me to tell me I’m wrong about the Deep Blues — the Deep Blue KMT reaction is for real and Ma is in the middle of the road reaching for allies in the Lee Teng-hui crowd against the hardline [...]

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"Pro-Independence" Politician to head MAC: Yawn

That sucking sound you heard today was for once not jobs going to China but instead, the collective in-breath of the world media. Big news today was that Lai Shin-yuan (賴幸媛), a politician from the “pro-independence” (”surprise choice“; “counter to the pervasive mood of thawing“; “pro-independence figure“) Taiwan Solidarity Union (TSU) was appointed to head [...]

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Nelson Report on Chen Remarks

The widely read Nelson Report, the Washington insider’s report on what’s happening at high altitude inside the US government, discusses the State Department’s response to Chen Shui-bian’s remarks at the FAPA banquet last week. The State Department, which is pro-Beijing on the Taiwan question, muted its usually misguided rhetoric. However, it appears that either nobody [...]

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President Floats Name Change Trial Balloon

With the legislative elections on the agenda for December, identity politics are already in full bore. We already had the experience of 2-28, and with the 20th anniversary of the lifting of martial law in 1987 happening in July, we can expect plenty more use of the same tactics by the DPP. Meanwhile the President, [...]

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Redrawing the legislature

An critically important event took place this week, with the major parties agreeing on the redistricting plan that is necessary to carry out the legislative elections slated for later this year. The pro-Green Taipei Times reported:

Electoral boundaries within four disputed cities and counties (Taipei and Taichung cities and Miaoli and Changhua counties) will be [...]

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