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The Road to Taipei Goes Through Washington

Ting-i Tsai, a longtime and always excellent commentator on Taiwan affairs, had another choice piece in the Asia Times on Beijing’s use of Washington to suppress Taiwan:
Unlike its previous approach of directly threatening Taiwan over its holding of referendums in 2004, Beijing pressured Washington this time around to deliver its message.
“Beijing’s approach is brand new [...]

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Other Nations’ Independence and Taiwan

This week the media brings us two tales of independence that are Taiwan-connected, one from India, one from Kosovo. A reader alerted me to this piece in the International Herald Tribune on the issues that independence for Kosovo creates for China. To wit:
Kosovo may be geographically removed from East Asia but what happens there could [...]

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Bruce Jacobs’ Open Letter to Hsieh and Ma

This morning Apple Daily published an open letter from respected Taiwan scholar Bruce Jacobs, directed at the two presidential candidates.
An Open Letter to Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying-jeou(給謝長廷和馬英九一封公開信)
By Bruce Jacobs (家博)
Over eighty per cent of the residents of Taiwan (台灣住民) want this country (本國)to be a member of the United Nations. As [...]

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Referendums in the news

Happy New Year to all! Use the day off to peruse the newly uploaded back issues of Taiwan Communique from 1982 and 1983, or stand outside in this polar weather (current death toll: 22) to watch the Quandrantid meteor shower this week, peaking on Friday, but good viewing pre-dawn on 4th or 5th. Or you [...]

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Sec Rice’s Comments

Jerome Keating reminds that Sec Rice’s comments that the referendum is a “provocation” may be responded to at the following email addresses:

Be nice when you talk to the Administration, I’m sure it will be a new experience for them….. Alton Thompson over at Conductor’s Notebook has a good response:
Dear Secretary Rice:
Like many Americans living in [...]

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Stray Media on Taiwan’s Int’l Relations

The always insightful Ting-i Tsai has a commentary in the Asia Times on the recent decision by the US to take a step back on the referendum. He argues that the US has reluctantly decided to live with it:
Burghardt’s approach, which deviated from that of other US officials in recent [...]

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Last Two Nelson Reports: Taiwan Highlights

Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report is back from surgery and once again passing around insight into the Beltway Mind. Here’s his latest excerpt on Taiwan affairs:
It sounds like the private Chinese discussions of late mirror almost exactly much of the substance of concerns aired at Heritage, including what Taiwan law may require in the [...]

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US Runs Interference for Beijing Again

In the last couple of weeks Tom Christensen of State, Steve Young of our own American Institute in Taiwan (AIT; the officially unofficial US representative organ here), and now Raymond Burghhardt, Chairman of AIT, have told Taiwan the DPP UN referendum is a bad idea. Ralph Jennings of Reuters has the call:
The United States on [...]

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China Opposes UN Referendum…as Earth still orbits sun

Reuters reported that China was once again kvetching about the UN referendum, a harmless piece of electioneering that can have no concrete effect, since China possess a veto in the UN and can block Taiwan’s entry whenever it pleases.
China has again prodded the United States to oppose a controversial referendum on U.N. membership by Taiwan [...]

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US Congressman Introduce Resolution to Support UN for Taiwan

Media outlets are reporting the introduction of a resolution backed by 19 US legislators to support Taiwan into the UN (Taipei Times).
No date has been fixed for debate on the bill in the US legislature.
“It’s unclear when it will come before the committee, we have no mark-ups scheduled for the next month,” said Lynne Weil, [...]

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Taiwan-US relations stalled by who?

Who causes all the trouble in US-Taiwan relations? According Kathrin Hille of the Financial Times, whose reports on Taiwan have been colored by a strong anti-Chen streak (for example), it is our old pal Mad Chen© (”Watch out! He can start a war at any moment!”). First she briefs us on President Chen’s pledge not [...]

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Media Round Up on Hu "Peace Offer"

Pausing for a moment to check out the coverage of Taiwan-China relations in the international media in the context of the recent “peace offer” from President Hu of China.
Let’s start with the work of Jonathon Watts, writing in the Guardian, whose work on Taiwan before has been strongly colored by Chinese propaganda, scores another [...]

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UN for Taiwan Blogger Flap

A reader alerted me to this minor flap over the “UN for Taiwan” slogan. Apparently a blogger at Wandering in Wulai argued that the phrase UN for Taiwan was bad English. The blogger had also complained that the Post Office was stamping UN for Taiwan on the outgoing mail.
補習班外籍老師陶維極向本報投訴,抗議郵局侵犯他的言論自由,擅自在他寄到美國給未婚妻的信件上蓋上「UN for TAIWAN」的入聯標語,他怒指這是獨裁作法,政府不能利用私人郵件當作執政黨宣傳品。
As far as his complaint [...]

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China Threat To Taiwan Grave

Reuters becomes the latest news service to treat Chinese propaganda on the Anti-Secession Law as something meaningful and important. First, the news story itself:
China cannot compromise on its claim to Taiwan and is ready for “grave” scenarios, a top adviser said, days after the island’s ruling party resolved to recommend a new constitution, with implications [...]

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Nelson Report: Bush Administration Blocking F-16 Sale

The Nelson Report, the well-known Washington insider report from Chris Nelson, on the US, Taiwan, and arms purchases. I’ve highlighted certain sections, and left comments after others. This is a long piece, well-written, and insightful from someone with an involvement in Taiwan affairs that dates back some thirty years……
TAIWAN ARMS…the debate over selling arms to [...]

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