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Doug Bandow on US-Taiwan-China Relations

Doug Bandow has a long piece on US-Taiwan-China relations in the current American Spectator. A highlight:
AT THE SAME TIME, the presumed U.S. security commitment has discouraged Taiwanese military investment. For four years the KMT-dominated legislative Yuan blocked the government’s military budget. The two sides recently agreed on new orders for U.S. arms, but the effort [...]

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Taiwan Gets Help From Congress on F-16s, makes own missiles

The Taipei Times reported that the US Congress, which houses the largest collection of invertebrates outside the Smithsonian, took the State Department to task for its opposition to Taiwan’s purchase of F-16s, and sent a resolution through the Committee on the F-16 purchase…
The US House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday approved a resolution that [...]

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Chen Interview in Der Spiegel

A loyal reader informed me that President Chen Shui-bian was interviewed in the German news magazine this week:
SPIEGEL: Taiwan is a democracy, which cannot be said for many countries in the UN. But the fact remains that your wish has encountered resistance from the beginning — with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, but also [...]

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Waldron, Beijing Advisor, on Taiwan’s UN Move

Conservative China and Taiwan specialist Arthur Waldron writes in Commentary on Taiwan’s UN rejection:
Taiwan’s rejection—for the fifteenth time in a row—by the agenda-setting committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations last Wednesday may well be seen, before too long, to have been a turning point. After all, who can believe that Taiwan will [...]

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Defense News on KMT Defense Policy and on Arms Sales and Democracy

Veteran Taipei-based reporter Wendell Minnick reports on the KMT’s defense policy, as they have announced it on paper.
The paper, “A New Military for a Secure and Peaceful Taiwan,” assures readers that the KMT will pursue cross-strait peace, maintain the status quo and resume cross-strait dialogue in order to avoid miscalcula¬tion and accidents. Such language would [...]

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New Zogby Poll Shows Americans Support Taiwan into UN

A new Zogby poll shows Americans support Taiwan’s entry into the UN. The poll was commissioned by the Taiwan Government Information Office, so take with the appropriate grain of NaCl:
The survey, conducted Sept. 6-10, 2007, shows that 61% believe the U.S. government should support Taiwan’s petition to gain membership in the international body just as [...]

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UN referendum Commentaries, Sept 21

More commentary out there on the referendum. This excellent piece from Michael Fahey, who lives in Taipei, appeared in the South China Morning Post (No link, hidden behind the pay wall). A generous excerpt:
But the US influence in Taipei is more limited than it thinks. There is simply too much at stake politically for [...]

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UN Stuff, Sept 20: Nelson Report, Frank Ching, UN Rejection

First, China responds with invective and bombast to Taiwan’s latest defeat, this time in a committee. On the Taiwan issue, I say “Let China Speak!” Nothing makes them look worse than their own nasty Czechslovakia-must-be-blotted-out! rhetoric. AP via The International Herald Tribune tells the tale:
On Wednesday, the U.N. General Assembly’s General Committee decided not to [...]

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Ban Ki-moon over Taiwan

Articles about Taiwan all over the place, debates in public between the State Department, Congress, and Pentagon, Ban Ki-moon getting spanked by Congress critters and right-wingers over Taiwan….yeah, that UN referendum and UN entry is a really stupid idea. Doomed to failure, eh?
Taiwan’s good friend UN Sec-Gen Ban Ki-moon decided to drive his point home [...]

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Koo Kwang-ming’s Ad

Former presidential advisor Koo Kwang-ming placed ads in major US papers this week on the whole UN thing. Here’s the text, courtesy of Mike at TaiwanFocus:

Don’t Put Taiwan’s Democracy and Freedom back into a Box
Koo Kwang-ming 辜寬敏
“A long, long time ago…” are the words that many of the old stories begin with. Today, I [...]

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Taiwan the Toddler

One of the most important media tropes that governs presentations of Taiwan in the international media is that of Taiwan as an obstreperous child, in need of discipline. This Beijing-centric rhetorical convention thus implicitly presents China’s annexation of the island as an act of discipline for a child unable to control itself, a wise and [...]

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Bob Dole in Wall Street Journal: Let Taiwan Join the UN

The Wall Street Journal has former Sen. Bob Dole with another article supporting Taiwan — this time into the UN. Note that, as Dole says in the article, the government of Taiwan employs the law firm where he is a special counsel. Nevertheless, it’s a good article, and yet another example of the positive publicity [...]

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Latest Nelson Report on Taiwan

Panorama of the Taichung Train Station. Note the Taiwan-UN Banners, which are prominent on many government buildings throughout Taiwan.
The Washington insider Nelson Report says good things about the US management of the DPP Referendum headache:
CHINA-TAIWAN…[A/S Chris] Hill at his press conference confirmed he had just come from a meeting with China’s State Council chief [...]

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UN Referendum Roundup Redux

As a typhoon approaches, things continue to blow back and forth across the Taiwan Strait…
China pundit Frank Ching, writing in the Korea Times, observes that US pronunciamentos on Taiwan actually offer some room for independence supporters:
It is intriguing to note that, at a time characterized as “highly dangerous” by China’s President Hu Jintao apparently because [...]

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Protests with the Mostest

KMT supporters arrive for the big rally.
Massive rallies in Taiwan yesterday! I stopped by the KMT UN rally today for about an hour and a half during its opening moments, where I met the redoubtable Craig Ferguson of CFImages (Craig’s beautiful images are up now on his blog), and watched my first rally from the [...]

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