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Daily Links, April 18, 2008

The remains of part of a Dutch-period wall at Fort Zeelandia, Tainan.
What’s remaining on the blogs today?

David on Formosa has a great post on the world summit of the indigenous peoples in Taipei.

A-gu has been reporting on the race for the DPP chairmanship. Latest is three way race between 70 year old Trong Chai, 82 [...]

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IA Forum Roundtable on Taiwan Independence

The International Affairs Forum in Tokyo, an organization of the US Center for International Relations, sponsored a forum with commentaries from six scholars on Taiwan Independence… The forum asked: “The Chinese government has said repeatedly Taiwan is an ‘inalienable part of China.’ Yet polls in Taiwan have indicated strong support for the country to join [...]

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Help with 1980s uniforms

A friend of mine is doing some research on uniforms for a movie about the early 1980s Taiwan. Anyone have answers? He wrote:
I need help in several matters. I am trying to find the answers in materials I have here but some information is not available. Can you , or a colleague help [...]

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Daily Links Apr 12, 2008

The massive copper processing facility on the NE coast.
What’s being processed on the blogs today?

The Foreigner blogs on the former AIT director Therese Shaheen saga. Shaheen popped in the day before the election, and the pro-KMT media blew up her visit, saying that she would pronounce on the Ma green card issue. Of course, [...]

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Journal of a Blockaded Resident in North Formosa

A Qing strongpoint overlooks Keelung harbor today.Extract from the UK The Navy and Army Illustrated Apr, 1898.The French had, indeed, a Chinese history. After the outrages at the Taku forts, they threw in their lot with us, and were parties to the Treaty of Tientsin. They fought with China later on in relation [...]

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11:00 News

Lots of news out there. Snapped these pics of a DPP commercial on Tibet and Taiwan as I rode the bus out to Keelung tonight. Clearly percieved as a major issue useful to the DPP. The Taiwan Documents collection has rounded up a several articles in major newspapers on the relationship between the Taiwan elections [...]

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Daily Links, Mar 14, 2008

These giant posters calling on the public to oppose the One China Market of Ma and Siew started going up around Taichung this weekend. The peanuts on the poster are a reference to the second line, which says the One China Market threatens Taiwan’s farmers.
First, this info:
DPP RALLY IN TAICHUNG MAR 16: Information here. Gonna [...]

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Lung Ying-tai Foundation: Media Tek Lecture by Famous Explorer

The Lung Ying-tai Foundation announces a lecture for May:
國際名家論壇The MediaTek International Lecture Series
Rewriting the Wonders of Global GeographyWong How ManJourney from Exploration to Conservation
•《時代雜誌》選為「25位亞洲英雄」之一,譽為「中國成就最高的在生探險家」。•《國家地理雜誌》百年來唯一受聘的中國探險家。先後六次率領大型探險旅程,其中一次更發現長江新源頭,改寫世界地理。•花費14年時間推動黑頸鶴保育,以行動帶領學生與村民維護黑頸鶴生態環境。•拍攝阿爾金山藏羚羊遭盜獵屠殺的紀錄片,引發國際對藏羚羊保育的重視。•在中國邊遠地區探險30多年,致力保存懸棺遺址、西藏古建築寺廟、壁畫的修復。 •Being honored as one of the “25 Heroes of Asia” by Time Magazine, Wong How Man is seen as “China’s most accomplished living explorer.”•Discovering the source of Yangtze River and in the [...]

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Reminder: Taiwan College Applications: Less Than One Month Left

A historical site in beautiful Tainan.
Most of the island’s universities are accepting applications now, winding up April 9. NCKU is not taking any students in the Business Administration department, but the iMBA program may be open. This little blurb from an email passed around by the university captures some of the rationale….
To Whom It May [...]

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Taiwan News Rips on Ma’s Weakness

First, the bare news as reported in the China Post, the pro-KMT English paper:
Honorary Kuomintang chairman Lien Chan urged his own party yesterday to decide in time to boycott the two upcoming referendums on Taiwan’s admission to the United Nations.
Speaking at a tea reception at Ma Ying-jeou’s presidential campaign headquarters, Lien said he wants the [...]

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Daily Links, March 2, 2008

A DPP banner is carried through the streets to the 2-28 rally at Chungshan Soccer Stadium in Taipei.
The election season is finally getting into full swing for the DPP, kicked off by the 2-28 rally in Taipei. Look for more intensive campaigning by the DPP to overcome the KMT’s massive election advantage — everyone I’ve [...]

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Get Taipei in Global Monopoly Edition!

Maoman over at Forumosa alerted me to this:
Hasbro is creating a global edition Monopoly, and Taipei has a crack at making it on as a wild card entry. The 20 pre-selected cities with the highest worldwide votes will make it onto the board. Plus, you will have from February 29 to March 9 2008 to [...]

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Daily Links, February 16, 2008

Hoping Island in Keelung Harbor.
Lots of stuff out there today…

Holly discusses the Google translation bot.

A-gu blogs on the accusation that Hsieh was an informant during the martial law era. Looks like the KMT is trying to distract attention from Ma’s green card flap, and from his own alleged work for the security services.A-gu also has [...]

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More on China’s Air Defense Zone

The China Brief from the conservative Jamestown Foundation has the latest on China’s provocative moves in the Taiwan Strait:
According to Dr. Joseph Wu—Taiwan’s de facto ambassador to the United States—in early December, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) issued a press release stating that the Central Military Commission and the State Council [...]

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Daily Links, January 17, 2008

What’s under construction on the blogs today?

That’s Impossible has some outstanding posts on the recent election, redistricting, plans to redraw the map of Taiwan, as well as one on KMT Veep Candidate Vincent Siew praising Singapore….

Fox News video reports on the confrontation between Kitty Hawk and a Chinese sub and destroyer. Those idiots believe that [...]

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