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Everyone’s been so focused on the legislative election, but plenty of other stuff is happening. First, Malawi has terminated its relations with the ROC:
Taiwan terminated its 42-year-long diplomatic relations with Malawi after the southeastern African country agreed to switch its allegiance to Beijing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced at an emergency press conference [...]

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Fun with campaign volunteers

My wife drives up to our house on her motorcycle, and to her undying joy, is greeted by a campaign worker dressed in the regalia of our local DPP legislative candidate. Our neighborhood is getting blitzed almost daily with literature from the local KMT candidate, but we haven’t seen anything from the DPP. The worker [...]

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IMPORTANT: Shannon Meet up moved

Jerome warns the meet up has moved
New location for our meeting for Breakfast Club on Jan. 12 at 10 am.
Shannon’s is doing some redecorating and so will not be open; Not to worry we have arranged for a change of venue;
The meeting will go on as planned but the new location is at a restaurant [...]

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Daily Links, Jan 5, 2008

Profuse apologies for not getting out my links recently. Been busy, and sick…

Pinyin News blogs on mandarin borrow ing English grammatical forms.

Wild at Heart blogs on a proposed tree-planting plan.

bent wonders…where do the candidates stand on Taiwan?

The Only Redhead, focuses on the growing importance of the present in the DPP’s campaign.

Todd examines Historical Sites [...]

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Highway 11 Roll Out

Ryan St. Onge announces the official roll out of the new website for the East Coast’s number 1 expat magazine, Highway 11. Stop by, download an ad and print it out, peruse the articles, and enjoy a very fine effort.
Related PostsNew Blogs on the RollNew Blogs on the Roll:Mr. ChompersTraveling around Taiwan & AsiaThe Darkness [...]

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Ass’t Prof, EFL, Kaohsiung Medical University

A reader passed me this advert, closing date is Jan 15, 2008. Please note that is a general education position at a medical university.
Assistant Professor in English as Foreign Language
The General Education Center of Kaohsiung Medical University invites applications for TWO posts in EFL teaching at the level of assistant professor. We are looking for [...]

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Medley of Madness

Lots of people enjoying this perfect depiction of Taiwanese politics. The Foreigner noted:
Best Taiwanese photo of the year, IMHO. And the kicker is that someone told me the shot was taken when KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou was having a serious discussion with reporters about [...]

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Daily Links, Dec 22, 2007

I enlarged it a little, but here is a wonderful bit of progress on The Beautiful Isle: installed wind capacity on the rise (from the latest issue of the Taiwan Journal).
JOB SEARCH: A bit of personal news: given the recent events at our university, I have decided to look into warmer pastures down south. If [...]

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Another fine moment from Taiwan’s media

Judging from the inquiries I have received, I don’t have much choice but to blog on this: this tale in China Times about the teacher at my university isn’t about me:

大學校園爆發外籍老師口出穢言、種族歧視爭議!朝陽科技大學應用外語系某外籍老師,近日遭學生指控在課堂上辱罵學生「Chinese dog」(中國狗)、「fuck you」(幹)、「hooker」(妓女),學生群情激憤,要求校方立即解聘這名老師。
I wasn’t going to blog on it to avoid giving the story more play than it already had, but since it is now [...]

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Daily Links, Dec 15, 2007

Lots of nourishing stuff on the blogs this week:

Fili blogs on cheese. It’s everywhere in Taiwan now. And gets his fortune told.

Pashan goes to Pull Out Knife Mountain.

Formosa Neijia sees I am Legend (check out the poster)

Jerome Keating says the US has made a secret deal with China about Taiwan. Jerome also has a few [...]

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Audio Taiwan Links

Those of you who prefer aural selects, lend your ears to this Swedish media interview with Lee Teng-hui — most of it is in English — or Joshua Samuel Brown of Snarky Tofu, one of the most experienced and knowledgeable expats on the island, who was interviewed on ICRT late last month. Josh wrote [...]

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Daily Links, Dec 7, 2007

What’s being celebrated on the blogs today?

Maddog has a great post on the lying KMT ad about the economy, and on the clash at the CKS Memorial/Taiwan democracy hall. Alive and Kicking, the blog of a local reporter, has a post on covering the mess at the hall. The always-good A-gu describes the political and [...]

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Daily Links, Nov 29th, 2007

What’s hiding out on the blogs today?

Rye at Ni Howdy talks up the Edward Curtis Indian photo exhibition.

Craig offers great images of Angkor Wat. And Jiji too.

Pinyin news blogs on an article suggesting Mandarin students write characters using software. Meanwhile Talking Taiwanese talks about reading it. And A-gu has a post on a teacher who [...]

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Media shorts

I took time out from editing a friend’s book on Taiwanese popular religion to have look at the news. My friend has returned to the UK where he is going to Oxbridge, or Camford, or perhaps Hogwarts, to study, after which he will become a Don. This was very confusing to me, since, being from [...]

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Daily Links, November 22, 2007 -UPDATED-

Mention My Name in Atlantis: over on Wiki discussion page for the Ma Ying-jeou entry, I drew the following complaint:
This article is extremely biased, likely due to the influence of prominent anti-KMT (Ma’s party) bloggers such as Michael Turton ( and Taiwan Matters (
Hey, I’m a “prominent anti-KMT blogger”! And there I was, imagining the [...]

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