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Stephen Yates at the Shannon Meet up, Dec 9, 2007

Stephen Yates (left) talks with former AIT official Syd Goldsmith
Our speaker at the Shannon meet up was Stephen Yates, the former advisor to Vice President Darth Dick Cheney. Despite the impression one gets from the media that Bush Administration officials tend to suffer from a singular lack of human feeling, Yates turned out to be [...]

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Ignoring the Kitty Hawk Lesson

The media are reporting on yet another warning from the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Thomas Christensen, on our referendum. This report is from the DPA, which doesn’t even need to slant the piece the way it often does; Christensen’s remarks are already pro-China enough. To wit:

A senior [...]

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Kitty Hawk

The latest updates from inside the Beltway, via the Nelson Report.
….Basic agreement that Beijing did not do a good job of coordinating message delivery between its politicals and its military, partly because the only real commingling takes place right at the very top, under President Hu.The net became that while China feels it has consistently [...]

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Kitty Hawk through Straits; Latest Nelson Report on Kitty Hawk

The Navy finished the Kitty Hawk affair in fine style, sending the carrier through the Taiwan Strait on the way home.
A U.S. aircraft carrier group sailed through the tense waters between China and Taiwan after it was denied entry last week to a Hong Kong port, the U.S. Navy said on Thursday.
The USS Kitty Hawk [...]

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Le Roi Soleil as a Responsible Regional Player: L’Affaire Kitty Hawk

Yesterday China came out with a claim that it had denied Kitty Hawk a berth in Hong Kong because it was angered by US support for Taiwan (IHT has a similar story):

The Global Times, a tabloid published by the official party mouthpiece People’s Daily, cited an unidentified People’s Liberation Army senior colonel, as blaming Washington’s [...]

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Nelson Report on the Kitty Hawk Incident -UPDATE-

The Nelson Report, the Washington insider report, gives the point of view of Beltway insiders on the recent flap over the recent problems with the visit of the carrier Kitty Hawk to Hong Kong:
US-CHINA…let’s start with the bad news. You saw last week that Beijing embarrassed itself by completely mishandling a long-planned Hong Kong courtesy [...]

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US-Taiwan Relations Fun

Yesterday the Taipei Times reported that the Formosa Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), the premier advocacy group for Taiwan in the US, had slammed Steve Young of the officially unofficial US representative body, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), for his attacks on the UN referendum. Gerrit van Der Wees passed around the text of [...]

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Joseph Wu at Brookings

Sorry about the blogging hiatus, tied down with presentations for strategic management theory class and numbing, overwhelming, dysfunctional fatigue, but Brookings dropped me a line to say that it has the transcript from the recent speech of Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s unofficial ambassador to the US, online now. The talk is moderated by the always-sensible Richard [...]

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US Congressman Introduce Resolution to Support UN for Taiwan

Media outlets are reporting the introduction of a resolution backed by 19 US legislators to support Taiwan into the UN (Taipei Times).
No date has been fixed for debate on the bill in the US legislature.
“It’s unclear when it will come before the committee, we have no mark-ups scheduled for the next month,” said Lynne Weil, [...]

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Waldron Says US Intimidated By China

Arthur Waldron, writing in the blog of the conservative rag Commentary, all but accuses the Bush Administration of cowardly kowtowing to Beijing:
Though there’s been little notice of it in the press, the Bush administration appears to have made an enormous change in its Taiwan policy of the last three decades, abandoning the careful hedging that [...]

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Recent Taiwan Sightings in the Media -UPDATED-

UPDATED II: I’m moving this piece to the top. Foreign Policy in Focus has absolute dreck by a pro-China “scholar” who actually has a teaching post in the US. Stop by and leave some good blog love for this loser:
The pluralistic setting in Taiwan guarantees that the island’s politics will be complicated. The current race [...]

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Taiwan Seeks Clarification of US Claims on UN Referendum, Status

The media are reporting a strange emanation from the US Defense Department, whose internal contradictions are a delight to behold. Wish I could get my hands on the entire document, but it doesn’t seem to be on the DoD news site. Apparently a delegation headed by DoD chief Robert Gates is in Beijing, and said [...]

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Nelson Report on Co-Management

The Nelson Report from a few days ago discusses the emerging “co-management” view of US-China relations….which excludes Japan and Taiwan.
CHINA…there’s always several things going on in DC that relate to US-China relations management of some kind, and the trick is to be in several places at once, so you can keep up.
In other words, thank [...]

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Taiwan-US relations stalled by who?

Who causes all the trouble in US-Taiwan relations? According Kathrin Hille of the Financial Times, whose reports on Taiwan have been colored by a strong anti-Chen streak (for example), it is our old pal Mad Chen© (”Watch out! He can start a war at any moment!”). First she briefs us on President Chen’s pledge not [...]

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UN/Hu Offer Round up

The Yomiuri Shimbun published an article on the “peace offer” from Hu, written by a Japanese reporter, that totally follows the Chinese line. Although discussion of economic growth is thick, there is no mention of the military threats….
During the Congress, Hu revealed China’s policy on Taiwan, which took a relatively soft line, as symbolized by [...]

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