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Flood of Money

More construction funds to local areas means increased sales for betel nut stands.
The Taipei Times reported yesterday that DPP and KMT legislators had a falling out over a diversion of government funds for flood control projects.
The Executive Yuan yesterday insisted on diverting part of the funds to flood prevention despite DPP lawmakers’ reservations about the [...]

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Not a post about the election, thank god: reservoirs

As I was contemplating another South Korea success vis-a-vis Taiwan — South Korea inward FDI fell for the third straight year, whereas Taiwan’s hit record levels last year (but don’t worry, we can solve all our economic ills by imitating the South Korea economy) –and this one too, where S Korea’s financial industry is well [...]

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New Blog to Oppose Hushan Dam Project

Robin Winkler of Wild at Heart alerted me to a new blog on the Hushan Dam project….
Plans were first laid to submerge You-cing Valley in December 1994. Located in the Hushan area, 10 km south-east of Douliu City in Yunlin County, the valley would be filled with water diverted from the Cing-shui River and dammed [...]

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