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WHO rally in Seattle

Rallying for WHO entry in Seattle on the 17th:
For Immediate Release
June 16, 2008
Contacts:Rebecca Lee 206-390-2839CJ Wang 202-210-0436Iris Ho 202-280-0166

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China to Cut Missiles, Let us in WHO?

Ralph Jennings of Reuters is reporting that a Chinese Nationalist Party claimed that China had promised to stop its missile build up and then to reduce the number of missiles facing Taiwan:
Last week, when KMT Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung visited senior leaders in Beijing, including President Hu Jintao, he asked about the missiles and was told [...]

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Old WHO Stuff

A friend passed me these links to old but still insightful stuff on Taiwan’s WHO entry. First up is a piece by Tkacik and Lee in National Review from 2004…..
The incident was not unnoticed in Taipei. Some Taiwanese legislators questioned why the boy was allowed to enter Taiwan when, earlier in the week, the government [...]

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WHO Letter Drive

FAPA Europe is organizing a letter drive on the WHO issue. Details in email below.
Dear Friends:
As you know, Taiwan is actively seeking to join the WHO (World Health Organization), and this May 19th to 24th, the annual World Health Assembly meeting will be held in Geneva….If you have friends or relatives who are also fluent [...]

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Non-support is Support for Beijing

It’s WHO time again…and AFP reports on Taiwan’s frustration with “friendly” nations…
Taiwan said it expected the United States to lead a push for observer status for the island at the World Health Organization (WHO) despite China’s persistent opposition.
Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s de facto envoy in Washington, said he expected “very clear support” from the United States, [...]

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Rhode Island Assembly Strikes a Blow for Taiwan

Appropriately somehow, the smallest state has struck a blow in favor of Taiwan’s entry into the WHO.
Walaska and then-Sen. Charles J. Fogarty were part of a New England delegation that traveled there at the invitation of Taiwan’s government. Since then, Walaska said, he’s submitted this resolution each year.
This year’s version cleared the Senate on March [...]

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A Fort In Tainan: Respite from the Failed WHO Bid

This cute little fellow hopped up on my finger for a better look at me.
Taiwan vows to fight on as WHO fails to even place a vote on Taiwan’s membership on the agenda (The Guardian reports). I don’t feel like kvetching about our incompetent advertizing or unprofessional and disconnected promotion effort. If there is one [...]

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Nelson Report on Chen’s WHO Letter

I was planning on getting some work done tonight, but evidently the flow of news isn’t going to permit that….here are some excerpts from the latest Nelson Report, the Washington Insider report widely read around the globe…a top flight essay.
TAIWAN…Washington types working on this morning’s bowl of porridge turned to the Post’s editorial page, to [...]

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Bob Dole Supports Taiwan’s WHO Bid

A reader alerted me to this commentary by former Senator and Republican Presidential Candidate Bob Dole in the Washington Times supporting Taiwan’s entry into the WHO:
The case for admitting Taiwan to WHO could not be clearer: (1) Taiwan has the resources to become a top-tier participant. In the last 10 years, its public and private [...]

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Petitioning the Emperor

Posing with Taiwan into the UN flags.
Saturday I was delighted to spend the afternoon hanging out with Linda Arrigo, a longterm expat here prominently associated with the democracy and independence movement here in Taiwan during the 1970s and 1980s. Linda is a font of information and opinions, acutely intelligent, uncompromising, opinionated, and extremely funny, she [...]

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Chen Shui-bian letter on WHO in WaPo

President Chen of Taiwan discusses the WHO entry issue in a letter in the Washington Post today:
It is improper and unprecedented for an international humanitarian organization to enter into a secret pact with one of its member states, especially an authoritarian one. More important, the memorandum has been used to obstruct Taiwan’s participation in WHO [...]

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The Terrifying Taiwan WHO Poster

Want to hurt your eyes? Here is the poster someone dreamed up for Taiwan’s WHO bid. Try finding the key concepts Taiwan and WHO prominently and clearly displayed. The poster contains no explanation of what Taiwan is doing — wasting half the space on a meaningless cascade of C-s — and does not ask the [...]

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Psalmanazar at DKos, WHO Entry

The first Taiwanese in Europe, Psalmanazar, blogs at DailyKos on the problem of press freedom and the UN on World Press Freedom Day:

The practice of denying Taiwan’s professional journalists press accreditation to the World Health Assembly began in 2004, when the United Nation’s Geneva Office took over responsibility for handling the media for the event. [...]

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Meh News: WHO snubs Taiwan; Good news: US doesn’t on Torch

Amazingly, the WHO rejected Taiwan’s bid to enter it. After all, it had only been ten years in a row….
President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) lodged a protest yesterday with the World Health Organization Secretariat over its rejection of Taiwan’s application for WTO membership this year.
Taiwan’s bid to join the WHO is not an issue that can [...]

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Taiwan WHO blog: UGH

A friend of mine in the Taiwan government sent me this link to a new blog set up by Taiwan Thinktank to promote the island’s entry into the World Health Organization (WHO). I heartily agree that our fair island should be a member, but ….well…. see for yourself. It’s a blogspot blog. Taiwan is not [...]

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