The Mushroom Farm

On June 6, 2005, my daughter's class took a field trip to Hsinshe, the mushroom growing region in eastern Taichung county. Having never been to a mushroom farm anywhere before, I enjoyed the morning trip very much. Here's a few pictures.

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Waiting for the bus....

....arriving at the Mushroom farm.

Are orchids really from earth? They don't look like it to me....the farm shop was surrounded by many beautiful flowers.

A look at the outside.

Hsinshe is one of the key mushroom growing areas of the island, and mushroom farms line the road.

The farm provided a speaker who was excellent with the kids and explained everything very clearly.

Sheds full of mushrooms line the side roads too. All of these belonged to the farm we visited.

A machine used to sort the mushrooms by size.

Mom and Zeb concentrate on the speaker.

One of Taiwan's many interesting spiders....

Off down the hill to the next stop: picking mushrooms!

Juying poses in her new Indian shirt.

Getting ready to go in.....

The farm also included several orchards where guavas, peaches, and Asian pears were grown.

A baby wild pig begs for a handout....

A field of gourds, whose leaves are also edible.

Inside a mushroom shed.

The kids were allowed to harvest the mushrooms that were ready.

Berries burst into summer....

The Peach Orchard.

Still life with peaches.

A closeup of the reason we were there....

The postman making his daily rounds. The Post Office in Taiwan is generally efficient, moreso than the US post office.

A farm road lined with fruit trees.

The farm also raised rhinoceros and stag beetles as a sideline income.

A closeup of a moneymaker....

Who wants to hold the beetle?

After exploring the farm, we were invited to drop a few dollars at the gift shop.

Zeb and Dan-dan pause with their loot.

Dan-dan with her classmate Rebecca, whose father is also from the States.

What would a trip be without a tea break?

The steep mountain topography is perfect for many different kinds of crops.

The bus waits....

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