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Lien Chan is back.

Lien Chan is back from dickering with Beijing. I expect that since the electorate has failed to make him President of the ROC twice, he imagines his last hope is that the Chinese army makes him ruler of Taiwan.
The spectacle of Lien Chan going to China brought out the tired old stereotyped riots, scripted by [...]

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Here comes the Judge: the English Contest

On Wednesday April 27 I went to act as a judge for the Taichung County Public School English Contest. This was my second year performing — and I use the word advisedly — as judge and already I have become a bit of a fixture.
The contest was held at the spanking new, spacious Shuangwen Junior [...]

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More on Iran

Michael Klare’s article on the upcoming war with Iran, “Oil, Geopolitics, and the Coming War with Iran,” was CommonDream’s most forwarded article this week. I have already talked about the coming war with Iran and its possible effects on Taiwan, but Klare’s article is good overview of some of the strategic issues. It does leave [...]

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Kristoff on Interracial Marriages

Nicholas Kristoff has a great article on CommonDreams on the growth of interracial marriages in the US.

As of the 2000 census, 6 percent of married black men had a white wife, and 3 percent of married black women had a white husband - and the share is much higher among young couples. Huge majorities of [...]

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Hiking on the East Coast

Saturday we left Taipei on the 7:23 express to Suao and stopped in Fulong. This small summer beach town was our base for a hike over a historic local trail.
An ancient marker from the trail.
We went on the hike with a group of 40 or 50 people, all Taiwanese, except for my good friend Jeff [...]

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"You’re too ugly to have had such cute kids"

Today me, my wife, and my two kids were waiting in front of Sogo in Taipei, in the heart of the once-great shopping district there. As we waited by the landmark clock, the friend we were waiting for strolled up. I wandered off to find a garbage can, and an old woman walked up to [...]

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Off to Taipei and Points north…

….for the weekend. Hiking above Fulung beach, expensive food, metro system, good museums, women who know how to wear make-up and clothing. I LOOOOVVVEEEE Taipei!
Related PostsTancredo asks for Taiwan to be included in DPRK Nuke IssueTom Tancredo’s Office forwarded me this press release:++++++++++++++++FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:…And from Japan….Japan Focus has some interesting articles this week. [...]

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Dan Bloom’s Great Letter, Atheism, and Taiwan

Except at Internet Infidels I am not what one would call a public atheist, so I do not plan to write about my religious beliefs in here very often. But I would like to comment about one of Taiwan’s best features: its religious tolerance.
One of the really great things in life is finding out someone [...]

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The Draft is on… it good-bye Taiwan?

Project Censored, gathering reports from Buzzflash and elsewhere, notes that the major media has ignored the impending draft.
The Selective Service System, the Bush Administration, and the Pentagon have been quietly moving to fill draft board vacancies nationwide in order to prepare for a military draft that could start as early as June 15, 2005. [...]

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I ran across this old post on the ESWN blog on the Yakasuni Shrine visit

After discussing the comfort women dragooned by the Japanese in Taiwan, the recent visit by a TSU member to the Yakusuni Shrine, and other matters, the writer points out that the KMT ran virtually the same system to staff its brothels in the offshore islands, forcing prostitutes arrested in police raids to work in them [...]

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I’m getting rid of my drivers license….

I wanted to tell this story….
My Taiwanese neighbor, a woman in her late 40s, reported a while back:
“I’m driving down the road on my motorcycle and a policeman stops me.”“What happened?”“I went through a red light.”“Really?”“Oh yes, I always do.”“I see. And then?”“He asked for my license. So I told him I had no license. [...]

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Weird questions….

My site just attracts the damndest questions….
Good Morning-
I was wondering if you could help me with a question I have. I work for a Travel Agency and I was looking threw a magazine on Taiwan. And a question actually came up to me. There is a picture of some Taiwanese Food. One of [...]

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Hsinchu Reprise

I have a close friend, one of the most perceptive observers of the Taiwan scene I know, who often beefs about how Taiwanese businesses seem unwilling to sell consumers things, even though the consumer is in front of them, cash in hand…. I had my own ‘Moment’ of marketing cluelessness in Hsinchu this weekend that [...]

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To a Mormon missionary

I just sent the following to the Taipei Times:
On Saturday around 12:45 on Kwangfu Rd. in Hsinchu I saw you. You and your fellow Mormon missionary were accosting Taiwanese on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office, one more annoying impediment to foot traffic in an area already overcrowded with parked motorcycles, people struggling [...]

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BlogSphere Claims My Son!

Yes! It’s true! The BlogSphere assimilated my son today. Here’s a picture of the BlogSphere as it approached our house:
The BlogSphere approaches our house.
My son struggled, but the assimilation took place quickly. The results were not pretty.
Sebastian, assimilated to the BlogSphere.
Next, he’ll have to learn how to be a proper member of the BlogSphere, managed [...]

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