AJ and Malv contemplate the carnage.

Another weekend of Axis and Allies ended in victory for your trusty writer as a string of lucky die rolls and some go-for-broke strategy ended with the Russians reeling and the Brits without a navy.

Aaron and Karl contemplate AJ and Malv.

On Monday I trucked down to Kaohsiung to finish writing a paper.

Bridges in Nantou

More bridges in Nantou.

On Tuesday, I am happy to report, we had a complete paper ready to submit to the Journal of Nursing Education. My co-authors, accomplished, vivacious, intelligent, and beautiful, are pictured here inspecting the final product.

Jane and Jenny stare in wonder: can a native speaker really make this many mistakes?

As I blogged earlier, a couple of weeks ago my wife led the construction of the mother of all Axis and Allies boards. Left behind were lots of paint…and lots of white walls….and a wife with too much time on her hands. The results: a primitive stairwell struggling to be born.

Filling in the squares….