Linda posing with my son.

Apologies for not posting or communicating, but its been a wild time here with a steady flow of visitors. Tuesday Linda Arrigo, the longtime democracy activist, anthropologist, and scholar, stopped by in the evening to overnight with us. Linda had just released a statement to the media that afternoon about her former husband Shih Ming-te, once one of the island’s most important democracy activist, but now apparently working with the Blues against his former friends in the DPP.

Linda in the media.

On Wednesday we we bombarded with calls from local media about her statement…..

Linda on the phone. Again.

…..and Linda spent the morning fielding questions from the media. Min Shih, Dongsen, even TVBS (TVBS. Ugh. Will our phone ever be clean again?). Thanks to everyone who spotted my blog surfacing in the Chinese-langage press for a moment.

If you get the chance to talk to Linda, bring up her dissertation. She’s developed an insightful quantitative model that shows how land productivity, population density, class structure, and female infanticide interact in agrarian economies with partible inheritance. Absolutely fascinating, and a welcome change from Taiwan politics.