The new Kaohsiung MRT has a new bike to go with it.

The Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp. (KRTC) launched its first folding bike produced under trademark license, as prototype for a future metro souvenir model, according to KRTC General Manager Fan Chen-po Tuesday.

Fan said the new bike comes in the color white, weighs 12.9 kg, has a maximum carrying capacity of 100 kg and can be folded in about one second.

The bike can be easily carried on and off MRT trains, and would have long product life once it not treated like a mountain bike, Fan said.

The KRTC launched its first folding bike to mark the inauguration of the system in March, but that model did not carry the KRTC’s trademark “K,” as the new one does.

Huang Chih-shu, general manager of Kentfa Advanced Technology Corp. which manufactured the bike, encouraged the public to buy the bike, saying that it was made in Taiwan from locally available materials.

The KRTC announced at the end of April that passengers would be permitted to carry folding bikes of all sizes on its MRT trains during a test period from May 4 to July 6. After that period, there is a limit on the size of the folding bikes allowed on the trains, it said.

It’s too bad that there is not one car designated for larger folding bikes, especially on the weekends when bikers are out in force.