A couple of days ago I went up to Sun Moon Lake with some friends….what are my friends talking about on the blogs?

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  • My friend and fellow NCKU student Olga and her in-laws, went with me to the lake. Here she poses on Route 136 in Nantou. Despite her awesome good looks, it is almost impossible to get a good picture of her, but here I think I got close.

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    A landslide. Mud and trees had been hastily pushed off the road all along the road that winds around the lake.

    MEDIA: Did we have a quake last night? I could have sworn….USGS says a small one, far away. Wolfowitz says Bush Administration will eventually OK arms deal. Taiwan’s aviation consortium, AIDC, urges that upgrades to Taiwan’s indigenous IDF fighter be carried out. Nursing homes becoming more popular here. Taiwanese factories have discovered Bangladesh. Don Isenberg has an excellent review of the whole Taiwan arms freeze mess at Asia Times. Taiwan’s export orders finally fell for the first time since 2003. Ma save us! I’m so glad our economy took off after Ma’s election. Radio Australia reports that — Ma save us! — the new Administration’s popularity is plummeting as AFP reports our unemployment rate pushes 4%. Don’t miss: Kanwa’s Andrei Chang with a great piece (as always) on Taiwan’s deteriorating defense situation.

    Here you can see how a landslide gashed the forest and filled the road with mud. Road crews have moved the mud off to the side, pushing it over the concrete embankments. Clearly, if you want perpetual employment, road crew at Sun Moon Lake is a good choice.

    Life on the lake went on. A farmer tends his flowers…

    As the sun was setting, we left….