Taiwan’s democracy should not be marred by illegal eavesdropping, arbitrary justice, and political interference in the media or electoral institutions. All of us share this vision for the next phase of political reform. – Ma Ying-jeou’s inaugural speech

Remember that incident during the election when KMT legislators invaded DPP HQ and a scuffle resulted? (my post)? Well, Taiwan News reports that the prosecutors have decided to indict the DPP legislators for their defense against the invasion…

Prosecutors indicted four Democratic Progressive Party politicians yesterday for their role in trying to stop Kuomintang lawmakers from entering the DPP campaign headquarters shortly before the presidential election.

On March 12, three KMT legislators wanted to visit DPP presidential candidate Frank Hsieh’s (謝長廷) campaign headquarters in Taipei. They said they wanted to investigate whether the DPP was illegally using the building.

The visit, barely more than a week before the presidential election, turned into a confrontation between the lawmakers and large crowds of DPP supporters who tried to keep them out, with police caught between the two camps.

Taipei prosecutor Fred Lin (林錦村) said yesterday the DPP’s presidential campaign manager Li Ying-yuan, former lawmaker Eve Hsieh, and Taipei City Council members Chuang Juei-hsiung and Hung Chien-yi were being indicted because they had obstructed public affairs and restricted the KMT lawmakers’ freedom of movement.

Lin rejected the DPP campaigners’ counterargument that the KMT legislators should be indicted for forcing their way on to private property.

Lin said the lawmakers were fulfilling their duty by acting on a decision by a Legislative Yuan committee.

Scary stuff. This is all one with the repoliticization of all social institutions we are seeing — the two professors who lost their jobs over their political activity, the indictments of 5 DPP cabinet officials for special funds nonsense — only DPP officials were indicted — and the politicization of the military I discussed a couple of weeks ago. The trend here is not good….