A Ma fan in a local office.

Ma Ying-jeou was on CNN’s Talk Asia the other day. PART 1, PART 2. The CNN text is a priceless mishmash of KMT talking points and erroneous information that is insulting to both Ma and its readers. Here is the header….

….which refers to “premier” Ma. In the text, after a short intro, come the KMT talking points:

With the backdrop of economic depression Ma’s calls to reinvigorate the economy by freer trade and improved relations with China proved stronger than the fears that those ties could lead to a loss in independence.

In case you didn’t notice, 5.7% growth last year and 6% growth in the first half of this year is “economic depression.” And people wonder why Americans don’t know anything about the outside world.

Of course, you know what follows on the heels of that nonsense: The Claim That Won’t Die:

Born in Hong Kong in 1950, Ma studied at Harvard Law School and worked as a lawyer in New York in 1981 before returning Taiwan.

Was Ma a lawyer in NY? AFAIK he never passed the Bar there.

And then there is tourism…

Ma’s administration hopes that Chinese tourists from the mainland will boost the sluggish tourism industry and talks are already underway to increase the number of weekly flights.

“Sluggish tourism industry?” Weren’t the last three years all record breakers?


UPDATE: I checked again on July 30, 2008, 15 days after the story was posted and after several of us wrote in. Ma is still premier, and the KMT talking points are still there.