The board of destiny.

Once more your trusty writer has rolled victoriously over the heathen Germans and their Japanese cohorts in victory at Axis and Allies! AJ, Aaron, and Michael took the prize after 5 and a half hours of testosterone-laced jokes, pizza, beer, and bad decision-making, saved by the brilliant mojo of AJ and Malv’s urge to play Cap’n Cook in the South Pacific with his battleships and aircraft carriers. It was good to get revenge for the previous defeat.

Karl prepares his mojo for battle.

The new game is so much better than the old that I ordered from the US: $32.95 for the game, $36.00 for shipping ( One of the great things about being a Dad is playing games with one’s son, and my mine is eleven and psyched to play the new game.

Malv loses an arm due to the intensity of the action.

Sometime at the end of the month we’ll be having BBQ and A&A over at my place!

Steve is awed

I took this shot of this beautiful giant who moved into the abandoned house next door. My buddy Steve takes a break from cleaning out his gutters to provide a size comparison for that monster in the upper corner there.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! Lots of good photos to take with the clean air the typhoon brought us.