Well, the reason I was a non-poster yesterday is right here:

Oops! Wrong pic….here’s why really….

That’s Karl, taking a picture of the most awesome A&A game in recent memory, in which your trusty writer, playing the Germans and Japanese, held off the bad guys Allies for four bitter hours of struggle. I finally gave in when I couldn’t take Russia and Japan was on the ropes. And that was just the first game of a marathon 3 game day.

The second game was over in two turns as Malv, playing Germany, combining bad rolls and bad strategy in the best possible manner, conceded when I took France and all his aircraft. Not much point of finishing when Germany has no aircraft and fewer infantry than the Vatican.

Game three was won when Karl, playing Japan, tried a clever trick to grab Russia. Fooled me it, did, but being a crafty fellow, I found a solution. Game over. Karl just wanted to finish, though.

The big problem we’re having is that the Allies always win. Always. The only exceptions are when one of the Allied players is a complete newbie. So we’re going to test some new ideas on how to play next week. As always, we’re eager for new players, so drop me a line.