Karl, my son, and Malv study the Big Board

Two rounds of A & A last night as good friends came over for some awesome A & A. In the first game Karl rolled over Russia and I conceded on the second turn. We started another one about 8, with my son playing the UK, me as Germany, Malv as Japan, and Karl as US and USSR…..

…about 11:15 Karl left and my son finally went to bed. He had acquitted himself brilliantly. Karl and I were covinced that it was a winning position for the Allies, but Malv insisted that he could win as the Axis. So I switched to the Allies to play it out against Malv as the Axis.

As it turned out, he was right and Karl and I were wrong…..by 3 am the situation was hopeless. The UK Navy and Army were wiped out, the US Navy was far from home in the Baltic, and the Japanese and Germans were about to eat Russia. Incredibly, I staged a sneak invasion of Japan, and emerged victorious. Malv staggered out the door at 3 AM into a cool September night. Hope he got home safe.

The final turn: as Russia is about to die in the Japanese/German pincer, the US pulls the game out its ass by taking Japan.