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AmCham’s New White Paper

The American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei has just released its annual White Paper full of advice for the government (White Paper). Their press release notes:
In the Overview section, entitled “Getting Down to Business,” the Chamber notes that the new administration is starting its term amid high hopes and expectations, but that it now faces [...]

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Minimum Differentiation, Maximum Identification

I’ve stressed often in this blog that one important driver of identity politics in Taiwan is structural: on a range of important issues, the two parties have very similiar views. The one reliable difference between them is the pro-Taiwan stance of the DPP and the pro-China stance of the KMT. Hence, at the national level, [...]

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Forays into the UN US-Taiwan Bog

Rupert Hammond-Chambers of the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan US-Taiwan business council published a long piece on the malaise in US-Taiwan relations…Hammond-Chambers makes some excellent points also made in the Tkacik piece I referenced earlier this week:
China’s political influence in the U.S. is growing as well. We see it on Capitol Hill, within the [...]

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