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Nuclear Blues

In April the Taipower announced that it was purchasing new units for its nuclear power plants… The other day Taiwan News wrote a hard hitting editorial about the KMT’s nuclear energy policies….
After years of objection while in opposition to the setting of explicit carbon dioxide reduction targets, the KMT now advocates a drive to return [...]

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Infrastructure Dust Up

A struggle is brewing over regional disparities in funding. It seems that the central government’s plan is to “stress the north, ignore the south” and southern politicians are deeply unhappy:
Kaohsiung County Magistrate Yang Chiu-hsing proposed the central government Tuesday take into account each administrative district’s size, in addition to their population, when allocating state funds [...]

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Inflated Expectations

Taiwan and China are back together exploring for oil in the Taiwan Straits, according to recent news reports. And United Daily News (UDN), a paper tightly linked to the KMT, reported that Hu of China had invited President-elect Ma to China for talks. The Olympics is going to make a great backdrop to the [...]

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More Election Analysis & Responses

Analysis of the election continues apace, with more from the Blogosphere, this time from the Only Redhead. I’m tired of arguing with people that I know and love, like Robert, but the fact is that lots and lots of commentators out there fondly imagine that if the DPP had only come up with the right [...]

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The Empire of Bacon

Shot of Taichung showing massive haze over the city, Jan 19, 2008.By its workings, astronomical sums have been appropriated into circuits from which many benefited. While the momentum of growth was maintained, Japan’s reputation as a great power was enhanced, and trade frictions with G7 member countries eased. Massive civil-engineering projects were favored: bridges, tunnels, [...]

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Income inequality and Taiwanese

AmCham has a couple of good articles in their latest Topics magazine, including an important article on income inequality by well-known commentator Ting-yi Tsai:
Economists attribute the rise [in income inequality] to three main factors: soaring real estate prices beginning in 1986 that created a new upper class overnight; the breakdown of larger households into groups [...]

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Korea at a Crossroads

We’ve recently been discussing the Korean economy on this blog, which the European Chamber of Commerce says we really ought to emulate. Feiren flipped me this wonderful piece from FEER on Korea’s economy and the upcoming election (it’s pay to view, so only half is here). See any similarities with our situation in Taiwan?
In meeting [...]

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Minimum Differentiation, Maximum Identification

I’ve stressed often in this blog that one important driver of identity politics in Taiwan is structural: on a range of important issues, the two parties have very similiar views. The one reliable difference between them is the pro-Taiwan stance of the DPP and the pro-China stance of the KMT. Hence, at the national level, [...]

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Lies, Damned Lies…..

Now that we have chimps outsmarting college students — a finding that will come as no surprise to college professors everywhere — it’s not surprising that the numbers out of China have serious problems….
Blinded by China’s false statistics —Jonathan Power
Beware of extrapolation, a British Chancellor of the Exchequer once remarked: it can make you go [...]

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Wow! How did THAT $10 million get there?

I’ve often mentioned the Chu An-hsiung case, still canonical as far as Taiwan city council speakers are concerned, but certainly KMT’s Lien Ching-tai, former city council speaker of Tainan deserves an Honorable Mention, as he was recently charged with fraud in a land case that highlights how the System works…
Former Tainan [...]

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What is the East Asian Growth Model?

A recent posting on the excellent China briefing blog on whether China’s growth has/will hit a glass ceiling reminds me of another debate still in its opening stages: How will China’s growth be refracted through the debates over East Asian growth?
China’s growth trajectory might, on the surface, appear to be similar to that of South [...]

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