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Infrastructure Dust Up

A struggle is brewing over regional disparities in funding. It seems that the central government’s plan is to “stress the north, ignore the south” and southern politicians are deeply unhappy:
Kaohsiung County Magistrate Yang Chiu-hsing proposed the central government Tuesday take into account each administrative district’s size, in addition to their population, when allocating state funds [...]

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Chen Chu Wins One

Chen Chu, the DPP Mayor of Kaohsiung, won her appeal that reversed a lower court decision to annul her victory in the Kaohsiung mayoral race.
An appeals court ruled Friday that the mayor of Taiwan’s second largest city was elected fairly, reversing the decision of a lower court.
The island’s High Court said the razor thin electoral [...]

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Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Invalidated

A local court has invalidated the Kaohsiung Mayoral election.

Judges decided that accusations Chen’s camp made regarding Huang Jun-ying (黃俊英), her main rival, on the eve of the election and on the polling day influenced election results.
The district court stressed in a news release that “Chen’s polling-day action of making public a videotape showing a man [...]

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