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Four Volume Set: The Politics of Modern Taiwan

Routledge announces:

Politics of Modern TaiwanEdited by Dafydd FellISBN: 9780415440417Published April 24 2008 by Routledge.
This new Routledge Major Work is a four-volume collection which gathers the best and most influential research on the contemporary politics of Taiwan. Although the collected materials are in English, they include contributions from leading Taiwan experts in Europe, the United States, [...]

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Some Announcements of Tax Changes and Grad Programs

Michael Fahey over at Winkler Partners notifies of new tax preferences for foreigners.
On January 8th, Taiwan’s Council for Economic Planning and Development announced new tax preferences for foreign professionals in Taiwan. Employers of eligible foreign professionals will be able to declare non-salary payments and reimbursements to foreign professionals as operating expenses. Examples of expenses include [...]

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Talk of Asian Marketing

My friend Clyde, an Asian marketing expert here at Chunghsing University, has put together a new podcast called Talk of Asian Marketing. Here’s what he says….
A few researchers in Taiwan and I have put together a podcast/videocast that emphasizes the local aspects of marketing in Chinese culturally influenced markets, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. [...]

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Review: Richard Kagan’s New Book On Lee Teng-hui

The Taipei Times didn’t want this, so here it is: my review of Richard Kagan’s new book on Lee Teng-hui:
Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in AsiaRichard C. KaganNaval Institute Press, 2007, 231p
In an oft-quoted passage, the ancient Roman biographer, Plutarch once explained his philosophy thus: “in the most illustrious deeds there is not always [...]

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Formosa Betrayed Movie Website

Just a quickie in between errands — Marc in Taipei flipped me this link to the official website of the new movie Formosa Betrayed. Now in pre-production, the movie is based on the murder of a Carnegie-Mellon Professor, Chen Wen-chen, in 1981 in Taiwan, apparently by KMT security forces. The Taipei Times has some more [...]

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Way Cool Taiwan 1930s Image Collection

Photographer extraordinaire Craig Ferguson flipped me this link to the Gerald Warner Taiwan Image Collection at Lafayette College. The collection consists of images of Taiwan taken between 1937 and 1941.
Totaling 340 photographs and postcards gathered by Warner between August 26, 1937 and March 8, 1941, these images provide a snapshot of Taiwan’s hybrid culture of [...]

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Digital Sources on The History of Kaohsiung

On H-Asia a scholar asked where she could find pics and maps, especially online, from the 1930s through the 1950s, on the city of Kaohsiung. Just to give you an idea of what’s out there, here are some of the replies:
The Kaohsiung Museum of History has set up an online “image bank” through which you [...]

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NYTImes Archived Taiwan Stuff

A friend of mine just sent me this email:

Had a bit of downtime yesterday so I dove into the Times newly liberated archives looking for pre-WWI stories on Formosa. Did I hit paydirt:

A 1904 article on how the Japanese have “transformed the savage island” of Formosa. Lots of good data on opium smoking rates and [...]

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Japan Focus: Taiwan in the Chinese Imagination, 17-19th Century

Emma Teng, who has written an excellent book on Taiwan, discusses some aspects of it at JapanFocus:
The legacy of Qing imperialism for modern China has been profound: because the People’s Republic of China (PRC) now claims sovereignty over virtually all the territory acquired by the last dynasty, the impact of Qing expansionism continues to be [...]

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Google Maps: Now with full Taiwan Support!

Jason at WTT now informs me that Google Maps now supports Taiwan right down to the individual alleyway!
Related PostsA Cry for Help With Google Earth!I got this letter today — edited version follows. Can one of you Google Earth Whizzes help this per…Google Maps and Taiwan ProvinceGoogle says Taiwan is a province of China, and [...]

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