The China Post and other papers are reporting that Hsieh is going to ask Su to be his running mate.

Presidential candidate Frank Hsieh of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said yesterday in Singapore that he has invited former Premier Su Tseng-chang to be his running mate in the 2008 presidential race.

Hsieh, who is currently visiting Singapore and is slated to return to Taipei on Aug. 15 to announce his choice of running mate, said that since he returned from a U.S. visit in July, he has asked Su to run for the vice president in the election scheduled for March 22, 2008.

“I have visited his family and have sent text messages inviting him to serve as my deputy,” Hsieh told a press conference.

“But so far, he (Su) has yet to say yes or no. I’m still waiting for his answer,” Hsieh continued.

Hsieh reiterated that if Su agrees, he is positive that the DPP will field a Hsieh-Su ticket for Taiwan’s hotly-contested 2008 presidential race.

A Hsieh-Su ticket would be a pairing of champions. Indeed, Su is almost wasted on such a ticket.