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Islands in a Steam

Taiwan’s dollar diplomacy in the South Seas is really part of a much larger pattern of cowboy activity that annoys lots of places that might otherwise be its friend. For example, there’s cowboy fishing, which has been provoking Greenpeace lately,
GREENPEACE activists clashed with a Taiwanese long-line fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean today, painting the [...]

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Investment Medley

Asia Times has a long study of India’s growing strategic and financial engagement with East Asia. A highlight:
India needs to add as much as US$500 billion in investment into its infrastructure and Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan have expressed interest in diversifying their investment beyond China. South Korea is India’s ninth-largest source of foreign [...]

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Mail Order Brides

Ralph Jennings, Reuter’s man in Taipei, talks about the mail order bride phenomenon here in Taiwan…how many brides are here? Vietnamese brides are the island’s largest non-Chinese immigrant group…
The story of women such as Nguyen has prompted Taiwan and Vietnam — whose 75,000 nationals are the island’s largest non-Chinese immigrant group — to get tougher [...]

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IHT: Taiwan Refuses Olympic Torch

It’s all over the news, so go see it for yourself: Taiwan has become the first nation to ever refuse the Olympic Torch:
Within hours of Beijing’s announcement Thursday of what would be the longest torch relay in Olympic history — a 137,000-kilometer (85,000-mile), 130-day route that would cross five continents and scale Mount Everest — [...]

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