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Book Review: Humanity at Stake

Humanity at StakeAbraham Young2008. Published in the United States by CreateSpace and distributed by Amazon. 130 pp. Website:
A few weeks ago I was in class at NCKU when a young woman walked in. Although the room seats 40 there are only seven of us in the class, but after inspecting the roomful of empty [...]

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More on the "Chinese People"

A-gu over at That’s Impossible! had another great catch today with the words of KMT Chairman Wu Po-hsiung as he greeted Chinese officials on his “historic” trip to China.
After some pro-forma remarks about the Sichuan quake, Wu then observed that “the two sides of the Strait belong to the Chinese [ethnic] people.” A-gu opines that [...]

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Politics and the Museum

Ian Johnson has amazingly nuanced article in WSJ on the politics of the National Palace Museum expansion….
The palace museum is in the midst of an ambitious expansion. But critics say the palace museum has made the expansion into a statement of independence and non-Chinese identity. The new extension, in a relatively remote part of Taiwan, [...]

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New Zogby Poll on Independence

Zogby has a new poll on Taiwan independence beliefs among the Taiwanese. The press release says:

Zogby Poll: 85% in Taiwan Support Petitioning U.N. for Membership
Survey finds most view themselves as Taiwanese and believe Taiwan is an independent nation, not a part of China
The vast majority of adults in Taiwan – 85% – believe the government [...]

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Saturday of Political Stuff

Policeman direct festivities at a Taichung temple.
This weekend we went up to Taipei for the Swenson’s meet up, hiking, swimming, museum visiting, and other good stuff.

But we always have time to pause for a butterfly.

Friday night on the metro in Taipei.

Friday evening I stopped by a Thai place by the Nanjing E. metro stop to [...]

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Ma Goes South?

Local media are reporting that once and future presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou is mulling relocation to southern Taiwan:
The ex-mayor made the disclosure following Chinese-language newspaper China Times’ report yesterday that he plans to move to Kaohsiung soon in order to seek more support from voters in the south.
The report disclosed that Ma has planned to [...]

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Lee Jye Expulsion Sticks in KMT Craws

Last week the KMT expelled the popular and widely respected, Lee Jye, currently serving in the DPP Administration under Chen Shui-bian as the defense minister. To recap, from the BBC,(Taipei Times), his membership was revoked because he had gone along with the DPP’s campaign to remove the statues of Chiang Kai-shek from military institutions across [...]

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"Chinese" New Year?

Maddog at Taiwan Matters points to the debate on whether Lunar New Year should be Chinese New Year…
First, from the Liberty Times, the Chinese language Green publication:
范嘉芬提到農曆年,如果要用英文表達,幾乎絕大部份的人都會說成「Chinese New Year」(中國年),但這是錯的。正確的說法是Lunar New Year。
Fan Chia-fen observed of the agricultural new year, that if we use English to express it, most people say “Chinese New Year”, but this [...]

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